Midlife Upgrade

MidLife coaching  

MidLife Crisis

Are you feeling invisible?  Do you feel that you have less control or less purpose in life? Are you thinking, “Is this as good as it gets?”

My name is Jacqueline Connors and I am a therapist and I specialize as a Midlife Coach. I offer services in-person or online throughout California for people finding themselves at this point in life.

As a clinical therapist and having passed through the needle of midlife, I understand exactly what this transition means and the importance of mindset to pull the best out of the years ahead.

From my own experience and working with men and women in this stage of life, I created a unique program that addresses YOUR specific need.

What is a midlife coach? Who is this for?

People who are working so hard trying to get what they want, struggling but still finding that they are not where they thought they would be at this time in their life.

People who have read all kinds of self-help books, attended workshops, on-going talk therapy but still feel frustrated with the lack of meaningful results. In other words, still feeling stuck.

People who want to experience profound changes in their relationships but find themselves falling into the same pattern.

And, people who feel bogged down from years of regret, shame, and guilt.

If any of these areas resonate with you, or if you just don't know what is bothering you but life just doesn't feel that fulfilling, this is for you.  

Now that you are here, you may notice that you are ready to get started. Because it is for you that I have put together a program that is effective and emerging in this concept of transformative change.

More importantly, it will jumpstart and upgrade your life in a short amount of time.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”                    Viktor E. Frankl

Are you still thinking in the same pattern that you did from your 20's? 30's? Only now you are applying the anxiousness, fears, depressive thinking to different issues or people.

Like a computer program that is constantly updating to ensure better programming and a more efficient operating system, the brain too, benefits from upgrading the "old programming". Especially the deep old programming that works to hold you back or cause emotional turmoil within.

The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”.              Muhammad Ali

MidLife Blues

My approach to treating a MidLife Crisis

The Discovery 2.0 MidLife Upgrade program is designed to ensure the next phase of your life is thoroughly enjoyed, and to finally get rid of old beliefs and emotional patterns that could prevent that from happening. During this time and going forward, priorities change and what you wanted and who you were in your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’ is rarely the same. You will learn how to break through old patterns, develop new outlooks and release stored emotions and fears.

My story

My name is Jacqueline Connors and I entered into my 50’s with new questions about life.  I was just divorced, no longer stimulated professionally and feeling less needed as a mother as my child became a man. I complained with friends about getting old and focused on the signs of aging.  (While complaining and venting with friends can be cathartic, too much of it I found, kept me stuck in the problem.)  I made the decision to change my thinking. Drastically.  And it was through changing my thinking, releasing old imprints that did not work for me anymore and seeing things differently, that my situation changed, and consequently, so did my life. I “re-discovered” myself and I am proof that it is possible!  Never in my wildest dreams, and I’ve had many, would I discover that the fifties would turn out to be one of the best decades of my life!  I have extraordinary freedom and success in all areas of my life, relationships, career and health...  More than I could have imagined possible.

And I will show you how.  

The thought of ageing and having to change my old ways was initially scary, but the thought of not doing anything and living out my years without change, was scarier! 

hate getting old

I have personally been through this stage and I have helped many shed the layers of their old self to expose a new and improved version that many did not know was possible.

This program has EVERYTHING you need to upgrade your life into living the life you want going forward. I have experienced it, and I am sharing it. 

How do you see yourself?

The unhealthy mid-life mindset usually consists of worrying, focusing on signs of aging, constant reminiscing and re-living choices you wish you “had” made while being resentful of certain choices you “did” make. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking further blocks you from looking forward, enjoying curiosity or feeling pleasures that are still available in life.

Would you like to let go of things in the past that you no longer want to hold on to? To be able to make new decisions, choose your direction and  improve the quality of your life?

Discovering and understanding yourself from this place in life brings new meaning and fulfillment.  Think of it as a long-needed upgrade, a new improved you… realizing you have more to gain from focusing and investing in yourself than staying stagnant, while time ticks on by.

What is the MidLife Upgrade Program 

Discovery-NapaThis program is not for everyone. You must be ready and I work with a very limited number of people at a time because it is highly personalized. The work is a deep dive into the limiting programs of old beliefs in your subconscious mind. It is and customized work based on neuroscience which will fit your personal learning style and get you results. If you would like to see if we are a good fit for this program, schedule a discovery call today!

This program will help you:

  • Develop a highly effective and positive mindset
  • Break free from difficult life-patterns that no longer serve you
  • Focus less on people-pleasing and being hard on yourself
  • Understand who you are and learn how to align yourself to get what you truly want in life
  • Help you overcome feelings of anxiety, stress, insecurities or resentments
  • Understand how to express your feelings to heal, attract and build healthy relationships
  • Provide you with tools to enhance personal and professional performance 

What the Midlife Upgrade program is not..

  • Traditional talk therapy
  • Sessions that continually dwell on rehashing the past
  • An on-line self-help program with canned assignments
  • A program that you don't want to do the work in and expect big outcomes

Click here now for a free discovery call.

Mindset Upgrade 30-Day Program for MIDLIFE

One strategy coaching session to map out the life transformation you desire going forward in your life (60min)
One life changing Rapid Transformational Therapy session on area of choice  (2 hours)
Personalized hypnosis recording to rewire limiting beliefs and solidify new supportive ones (MP3 format with binaural beats to induce optimum brainwave state for rewiring brain to new beliefs)
Weekly 60min individualized sessions for continued therapy and support throughout your transformation
Weekly personalized Mental Coaching to help reinforce re-wiring your mind with new beliefs increase personal strength, confidence, even attraction, in your area of choice (relationship, career, personal development, health/physical or other)
One Upgraded Rapid Transformational Therapy session to address any other limiting belief or issue (90min)
Ongoing access to me with 24hour response turnaround for continued therapy and life coaching


Understand that the people I work with also have something in common, they have reached a point in life where they find themselves ready to take action and live life better.

And when they do, they are having some amazing transformative results!

The Best in Aging


“Not recognizing how lucky I am wasn’t the problem, it's knowing that I was very lucky and I'm still not enjoying life which further compounded how bad I felt about myself and getting older. I know I'm luckier than most, I know things could be worse and knowing that made me feel EVEN worse about myself!” This journey of self discovery unleashed and healed me in profound ways. Better than what I expected. 

Sarah, Danville, California   


“Hitting 50 meant fewer years in front of me than behind and I did not want to waste time or brain space on things that ultimately didn’t matter and feeling resentful. This work changed my life.”

John F. Napa, California 


"I didn't really know what finding myself or discovering myself meant or would provide. I just knew that things did change for me when I turned 50, my body ached more and there was not a lot of fulfillment or things to look forward to.  I didn't have any excuses to not try this, there was nothing to wait for or holding me back, so I jumped in. All I can say is that, I get it now and Life is Good!"

Kris L. Chicago, Illinois