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Hi, my name is Jacqueline Connors, and I’m a Clinical Therapist in Napa Valley who specializes in an effective and transformative approach to therapy and coaching.  If you have done traditional talk therapy or life coaching before but find that you still are not where you want to be, or if you want to start therapy for the first time but uncertain of how effective it will be, this is for you!

i keep trying things to feel better, but life my life is not changing!

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I am able to tune into the things keeping you stuck and causing you to continuously struggle. I will see and hear things that you may not have noticed about yourself. You will then be able to uncover and rewire those beliefs that's bringing pain or causing stagnation and set-backs. I will show you how to override all of the old accumulated beliefs that no longer serve you in anyway. 

Does life feel like a constant struggle?  

Do you want to get control of self-criticizing looping thoughts?

Through our work in therapy and coaching, you will be able to overcome and eliminate issues like self-sabotage, procrastination, fear of judgement, imposter syndrome, money blocks, low self-worth, indecision or just constant worry so that you are able to feel good about yourself and to get what you want out of life.

What I do

Jacqueline Connors

As a Clinical Psychotherapist and Coach, I help individuals from diverse backgrounds, professions and interests, get control and eliminate old thinking patterns and heavy conditioned emotions.  This is critical!  Most of my clients come to me after struggling repeatedly by trying to “fix” themselves on their own through self-help techniques, on-going talk therapy sessions with minimal results or life coaching without success.

You’ll discover that emotional suffering is not a life-long sentence. In fact, you will discover, that change also doesn't need to take years!

This is not your average therapy or coaching.

Why is my approach to therapy different

I developed Discovery 2.0 as a modern-day approach to Therapy and Coaching in Napa Valley and on-line. I did so because traditional talk therapy often applies the “medical model”. This basically means a standardized approach to treat psychological issues. As an experienced Clinical Therapist, I am very adept in this application.  Furthermore, I have trained and supervised counselors and therapists in the field of mental health and behavioral health using this model. However, a "one-size fits all approach" is rarely effective.

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The medical model is an easy model for therapists to follow because standardized treatment plans have become the “cookie cutter of care.” The field is filled with this limiting approach and it is not enough for effective healing or sustained change. 


The problem with therapy today

The problem is people are different. They have different histories, experiences, life styles, goals and interests.  Each and every issue is not the same so treating it as such, prevents real healing and personal growth.   It is not enough to pull a tool from the standardized  box of treatment protocols just because it fits the medical model mold. The medical model works in the medical setting; but it is very limiting in the world of mental health and personal development.

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 I am a firm believer that for therapy to be effective, it MUST involve working with the subconscious mind. (Also known as the unconscious mind).  Unfortunately, many therapists are not trained to work with the subconscious.  This is truly a misfortune as the subconscious mind is exponentially more powerful than the conscious mind. And it is here where real change and healing will happen!


My work will help you identify and release painful, frustrating and self-criticizing automatic thoughts.  The thoughts that seem to run on automatic pilot and never seem to stop!  You will learn about the negative unconscious habits and self-talk that literally run your life. The unconscious mind is the place where never-ending ruminating thoughts come from, the place where self-sabotaging behaviors are released, where low-self worth is hidden and feelings of not being good enough... are securely held.

The good news is that the subconscious CAN be re-programmed and it can be re-programmed to work FOR you. I will help  you change your thinking and old belief patterns that cause a lot of the problems and issues.  But take note, once you make this discovery, get ready for your world to change!

Imagine yourself being free from negative thoughts and feelings that have harmed your sense of self, your relationships, your career and your health.

Counseling in Napa

I will teach you how to eliminate ingrained thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors that damage relationships, affect personal growth, limit potential and contribute to physical health issues. And you will do this quicker than standard on-going talk therapy.  You will eliminate stress and negative thinking and then you will hard-wire new healthy, positive beliefs.

My skills and training in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Brain Based Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  Eye Movement Therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), have helped many people make transformations at this deeper sub-conscious level because it is only at this level where you will get the most impactful and sustaining results for the change you have been looking for.

Whether you are searching for an anxiety therapist in Napa, or just needing coaching on improving your relationships, our work together will be personalized, customized for your specific needs and most importantly, it will be effective!


1.   I'm not ready to make a change or commitment.   Join my Facebook Group (for more tips and insights!)   

2.   I'm  just starting to put my toes in the water.  Individual Therapy or Coaching

3.   I like to work alone at my own place.   21-Day Leader Mindset Course  (Great for work or just wanting to lead your life better!)

4.   I have a specific issue I want to control and overcome!  21-Day Rapid Transformational Therapy Program

5.   I am ready and committed to make deep significant shifts in my life and live the life I want! 

30-Day Mindset Mastery Program  (Customized work with me directly for 30 days targeting multiple areas of your life)

Contact me directly for a free 20min consult and talk about the program that is right for you.



Therapy is different for everyone. In general, it's an exploration of your personal history, your internal self-talk, patterns of behaviors and struggles with 

Therapist in Napa

emotions, we'll look at progress or blockages from previous sessions and make new discoveries of yourself. Our sessions will be one-to-one and last 1 hour.  Initially, it is common for sessions to be held once a week. Each session is conducted online using a HIPAA compliant portal or over the phone, depending on your preference. Currently, availability for face-to-face appointments are very limited. (Please inquire)


The Subconscious is the place where all the information you gathered throughout your life is stored.  It can remember extreme emotions and repeated actions and will store these memories into automatic programming that often stays out of your awareness.  Working with the subconscious means identifying the root, reason and cause of the issue from the past and then reprogramming that belief to a more positive one that heals the symptoms. This can be done through techniques like Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neurolinguistics Programming and Hypnosis.


Good therapy can provide you with support, problem-solving skills, get you unstuck from old patterns of behavior, repetitive thinking and help improve professional and personal relationships. If you want to feel better, reach goals and improve your health, the right type of therapy can get you there!


The best way to know what kind of therapy you need is to schedule a 20min consultation directly with me.  During the consultation, we'll discuss if our work together will be a good fit and answer any questions you have.  We will specifically define your needs, struggles and your readiness to change.  Depending on comfort level some people start with individual therapy rather than scheduling Rapid Transformational Therapy for deeper work.  Others start directly with Rapid Transformation Therapy and continue with individual coaching.  The work will be customized to you specifically.

Don’t wait until you have an emotional heart attack or crisis to start. Waiting can actually add another layer of unnecessary suffering and take you longer to where you want to be. 



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