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Real quotes from various clients I have worked with:

"I no longer wake up with fearful thoughts"

 "my brain fog is disappearing" 

"this is the first month that I can remember without a panic attack"

 "I have a new sense of calmness around my family and children"

 "people are talking to me differently, nicer!" 

"I finally know what normal feels like"

 "I can't describe it.. but I feel free"

"I found Jacqueline online after much searching. At age 57 I had come to the realization that my life-long pain was a result of narcissistic abuse by my father and sister. I thought that once I had this realization it would help me to move past it. But for the better part of a year I stewed and ruminated about all the abuse I had suffered. I had so much repressed anger that I was overreacting to many things in my life and having incidents of road rage that were not safe. It was like I couldn't control my emotions. When I met Jacqueline she talked about re-wiring the brain and immediately I thought "ah ha - this is what I need!" She affirmed that you can do years and years of talk therapy (which I have done) but that some stuff is just hard wired in your brain and you need a Re-Do! Her focus is not on what was done to me but how can I move forward from here?

My RTT session was easy and comfortable. Jacqueline is a very reassuring, non-judgmental and compassionate presence and I always felt safe with her. Immediately after the session I felt an absence of the ever-present anxiety that I have always carried around which was a huge first step. From the session she makes a recording and you listen to that every night for a time she specifies. As the days wore on I started to see things more clearly and started feeling less like a mess of emotion and more in control. I stopped feeling that people "are after me" and so victimized. I was able to sift through some of the stuff in my brain about my belief systems because those extreme feelings had moved aside for me to do the real work. Prior to this I was so emotional/nervous about everything that walking outside was painful for me. Jacqueline calls it hypervigilance and it was excruciating.

I am about six weeks post-RTT session and I am absolutely much improved! I keep listening to my recording and I find my outlook on life and myself is much more positive and way less dark.

I would highly recommend working with Jacqueline. She knows her stuff and is determined to help quickly so you can get in and out and not spend years (or even months!) in therapy. I also found Jacqueline to be so professional, reliable and caring. 
     B.A. Sacramento, CA

"Jacqueline is a wonderful therapist! From the beginning of the session she made me feel very comfortable and I had been able to open myself. She has a very supportive attitude and her voice helped me to go immediately into a deep state of relaxation. The session has been enlightening! Under hypnosis she guided me step by step and together we uncovered the cause of some  of the negative beliefs that I had about myself and that were stopping me from having courage and faith in my capabilities and talents. She helped me to create new and positive beliefs in order to change the perception that I had of myself. I am so grateful to have met her and I will for sure recommend her to anyone who wants to fix a problem rapidly and permanently. Jacqueline is the person you have to call when you think that there is no way out. She will help you discover how to successfully talk with your mind in order to achieve your goals. I sincerely recommend her! ''  Loredana, Parma, Italy

Jacqueline as a therapist is truly amazing. I could understand the root cause of my self confidence issues after so many years only because of her. And now i am on my way to healing myself and I already feel positive and confident. Jacqueline is not only a gifted therapist but also a very genuine, kind and loving person. Her demeanor and mannerisms put me at ease immediately. I could easily talk to her and she very smoothly guided me throughout the sessions. Can't thank her enough.  Payal, India

 "I approached Jacqueline because I wanted to gain to self confidence and she has experience in this particular area of concern. Jacqueline was welcoming and non judgmental and her voice was very soothing. My (past) confidence issue was solved and I believe I will only find that my confidence increases as the days go by, which is really exciting! This method was different because I was able to look back on multiple feelings from scenes of my past and communicate why I felt how I did about those scenes. I was able to see what I was holding on to since childhood and release the effects that those negative experiences had on my life. What I liked the most about this technique is that it was interactive and I was guided through the session to help me distinguish feelings and memories and how to link them together. I felt completely at ease and comfortable with Jacqueline as soon as we made eye contact. The value of this session is priceless because it truly leads you on the path to change your life for the better, to release old negative beliefs that are familiar to you and leave you stuck. I would definitely recommend RTT to others, as there can be a tremendous benefit after the session! I already feel the positive effects which was unexpected, but amazing! My experiences have improved already, which is a surreal feeling. This was truly a breakthrough and a wonderful intriguing experience! The day of my session was the first day of my improved life, I have been reborn".

M.T. Philadelphia

"I have been in therapy many times before but still found myself struggling. It was always a lot of me talking and the therapist validating my feelings! I would feel ok briefly but overtime, I realized I really wasn't getting better and just re-hashing my same issues. I went to see Jacqueline from a referral who said it would be different and I'm glad I did. She was amazing and I have been doing better than ever. Therapy does work BUT only if it is with the right person! Having experienced a lot of different therapist, she is the right one!"

Julian, California

I approached Jacqueline to work on my self-esteem and confidence. I wanted to work on this because it was having an impact on my professional life. At work, my manager and I have had several conversations on how I need to step up and throw myself into the "swimming pool" and try to swim. However, I had this barrier that would stop me. I struggled making decisions and taking risks. With RTT, Jacqueline helped me as now, I feel more motivated and decided. I have noticed I am more willing to take risks and work has become more fun. 

My manager is happier, since she saw my potential and capabilities, but did not know how to help me achieve more. Now, I feel happier and better with myself. With this therapy, Jacqueline helped me understand the root cause for my lack of self-esteem and with the bespoke recording which i listened to for 21 days, my thoughts about myself became more positive and I started to believe that I could and that I was capable of accomplishing things. RTT is quick and effective, and it made me understand that I have control over what I can do. Taking more responsibility for my own life. I am very grateful for Jacqueline as she helped me improve my life with results that I can see day to day. At the beginning I struggled to understand whether I was in a state of hypnosis or not because I tend to overthink and analyse, however, at some point, I felt really relaxed and I let myself go with the flow.

Jacqueline is very kind and sweet. I felt really comfortable talking to her via videocall, which sometimes can feel less personal. Jacqueline really listens and addresses the issues in a very subtle which which I really appreciate. I found my experience to be very enjoyable and transforming. 

Thank you Jacqueline for helping me become a better version of myself!

Felisa, Spain


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