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My name is Jacqueline Connors and I am a Clinical Therapist offering coaching in Napa, California and throughout the state. I provide a unique coaching strategy that is aimed to upgrade and change your thinking and your life at its core.  I have found that with the various types of coaching, whether that be Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Health Coaching etc. that core issues are often due to very old mental patterns that block and prevent the person from getting what they want and from reaching their goal.

 Although we may start with one specific area of coaching in your life (example, career), you will find that our work together will address many other factors in your life. Afterall, wouldn't you like ALL areas of your life to be healthy, happy successful?

Are you sabotaging yourself?  Do you suffer from self-doubt and second guessing yourself?

My work as a coach in Napa (and online throughout the United States and abroad) focuses on sub-conscious blocks, personality and helping individuals perform at their peak in anything they do (from being a student, entrepreneur, parent, professional or athlete).  It's about being the best version of you and getting what you want from life.

Mental Coaching is a transformative style of coaching that can help you move forward toward your goal at a faster rate. This is highly recommended for those who want to quickly eliminate old patterns of thinking that no longer work  and confidently live from their potential.

Isn’t Mental Coaching just for sports?

Mental Coaching does not need to only be applied to sports performance. It is a highly effective type of coaching useful in any endeavor in life that would benefit from doing something better!  

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In this highly effective approach which incorporates techniques from Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Brain Based Coaching along with Behavioral Therapy and other tools, we not only get to core issues that cause blocks, or self-sabotage, but to also identify and bring forth greater potentials and possibilities.  Because its a person’s self-talk,  automatic decision making and mental imagery, which highly affects behavior and performance. 

I am skilled in identifying how a person's decision making, beliefs, images, and feelings affect and are affected by behaviors and performance. I assist individuals in developing their ability to stay focused, determined, committed, and confident, in any area of life (career advancement, personal development, health or sports performance).  Together, we develop a personalized program looking at your strengths and address both unconscious and self-imposed weaknesses to propel you to greater excellence. 

Mental Coaches FAQs

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching is not therapy and most coaches do not  work on past issues such as traumas or addiction for example.  However, because I am also a psychotherapist, I am  able to address unresolved past issues with you through therapy first. (It is very common for unresolved past issues to block us from reaching what we want in life). Once past issues are resolved, we move to coaching and focus on the present and future to reach personal or professional goals. Being able to work with you from these perspectives provides incredible value and results.

How do I know if mental coaching is for me?

Mental Coaching is for you if you have the desire  to make changes, to finally get what you want in life and to enhance how to do things better!  During this session, we will discuss how I support you in achieving your goals. Your plan will be personalized for your needs and will address concerns and desired outcomes that are specific to you. I’ll assist you in implementing lasting changes that will empower you to live a more balanced, fulfilled life. Your success is inevitable when the desire and guidance align.  I invite you to schedule a free consultation session with me.

How is the coaching service provided?

I provide coaching services on-line or via telephone.  In-person coaching sessions are limited in my office in Napa, California.  I have found that most clients prefer sessions on-line because it cuts out the need for travel time, is convenient, and allows the person  to be anywhere, as long as there is access to a phone or internet. 

You can choose to turn your life around if you're ready!  (707)681-1556

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