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Therapy not giving you the results you want?
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Anxiety Therapy for Deep Healing

  • Overcome focusing on worse case scenarios 
  • Feel more comfortable in social settings 
  • Let go of irrational fears 
  • Change thinking that affects your health
  • Develop inner-strength and self-worth
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Working one-on-one, I will help you identify the belief pattern that is keeping you stuck in anxiety. This is crucial as we all follow an internal belief system that we may not be fully aware of.  These beliefs are deeply programmed to be on autopilot and run your life.

We will utilize effective techniques specifically designed from psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, brain-based coaching, neurolinguistic programming (NLP)  and rapid transformational therapy (RTT) to get to the root of the problem.  This will allow you to change and remove the negative and anxious patterns of thinking at the deeper, subconscious level.  Once you do,  you will change your life. 

If you are motivated to make changes and willing to invest in yourself and well-being, you’re at the right place. 

Life does not wait! If you're ready, let's begin..

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Anxiety Therapy for treating anxiety that impacts major life areas.

Life Transformation Program

There is no doubt that anxiety can greatly affect your physical  health. Getting anxiety under control can help improve sleep, energy levels, clarity of mind and a myriad of physical symptoms. 

Continuous positive thinking without healing the embedded beliefs encoded into the subconscious, is not the answer.

We will work on treating anxiety at its core with a focus on your specific health issue for maximum results!

financial anxiety

Financial anxiety is a thing and if you are constantly worried about money and your finances, you are probably finding that it’s consuming your energy, mood and well-being. With RTT we can focus directly on treating anxiety around money and replacing old beliefs and fears. We can then work on powerful techniques to help your mind focus on “manifesting” more of what you want! Results can be quite surprsing!

NOTE: Inquire directly about the 30-Day Mindset Mastery Program for Finance and Financial Abundance!

Anxiety Therapist

Do you have a fear of abandonment? Fear of rejection? Or does your anxiety affect the relationship you’re in overall? 

If anxiety is affecting your personal or professional relationship, getting to the root cause of why it is there, within you, in the first place, is the key to healing. This will then set you on the path for improved relationships on all levels. 

workplace anxiety, jacqueline connors therapy

Anxiety can greatly impact performance and well-being in the workplace. People may turn down promotions or struggle to advance more, struggle with public speaking, limit  attending office functions,  or have difficulty meeting deadlines.  

Anxiety can manifest blocking your success in various different and unique ways.

In addition to the healing of anxiety our work together will combine mental coaching to get you to your level for peak performance and increased success!

Reprograming the subconscious for real healing.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a revolutionary method of therapy developed by Marissa Peer that can help you to achieve phenomenal, permanent outcomes and understand the root causes of your issue, not merely place a band-aid over the symptoms.

Understanding is power, and once you have understood you will be able to heal and rewire your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and behaviors.

This is not your average therapy for anxiety! I help you identify the programming and issues at the SUBCONSCIOUS level to get to the root of the issue and make lasting changes!


I’m Jacqueline Connors, MA, LMFT a Licensed Psychotherapist with a specialty in Psychoanalyst, a Mindset Life Coach, a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and Law of Attraction Specialist! I help individuals from diverse backgrounds, professions, and interests get control and eliminate old thinking patterns and heavily conditioned emotions that get in the way of what they want in life. 

After working in the private and public sector in leadership roles, I discovered that helping individuals reach their potential and alleviate internal struggles was not only a great strength, but a passion.  

I provide a uniquely powerful blend of skill sets derived from psychology, brain-based coaching, subconscious programming and neuroscience. From these areas, I developed an understanding of how to extract the best from each discipline into the optimum healing method so you manifest what you want in life. Yes, it is possible!!

My success is your success and I look forward to helping you live life better than you may even imagine!

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