About Jacqueline Connors MA, LMFT

Therapist in NapaMy name is Jacqueline Connors, and I am a Clinical Psychotherapist in Napa specializing in helping people get to the root cause of their issue, be it physical, mental or emotional and to help reprogram the critical thoughts that run your life. I have extensive work and experience in both the public and private sectors as a Clinical Therapist, a Behavioral Health Manager and as a County  Administrator for Alcohol and Drugs. I have supervised counselors in the field of mental health and substance use disorders for many years and have successful experience handling a range of complex personal and professional issues. In addition, I have been a successful business owner, worked internationally and have a high understanding of how old patterns and mental blockages affect personal and professional growth.

As an experienced therapist, I am adept in evidence-based modalities in psychotherapy but know that alone is not enough for effective healing and change. Many people come to me as a result of having done traditional talk therapy with minimal relief or felt they got better, ended therapy, only to find that many of the old issues have returned.

My additional training and skills in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Brain Based Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),  Eye Movement Therapy and  Rapid Transformational Therapy hypnosis, help people have transformations at the deeper sub-conscious level.  It is only at this level where you will get the most impactful results and relief. 

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